Best Chainsaw Helmets 2021 – Buying Guide

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Using a chainsaw for work or personal DIY projects should always be accompanied by proper safety gear. Heavy equipment like chainsaws can prove dangerous if proper safety is not ensured while operating them. Hence, to ensure personal safety, you must invest in a good quality chainsaw helmet that correctly serves their purpose of protecting you. 

While using a chainsaw, you are exposed to several types of hazards. Not only is the rapid chain movement dangerous, but are the flying debris, exposure to deafening sounds, or when you are working with trees, falling branches. When you follow the regulatory protocol of wearing a robust helmet while operating this machinery, you will save yourself from danger.

A standard hard hat will save your head from injury but won’t save you from other impending hazards; hence it is crucial to have a proper chainsaw helmet. However, when you start looking for a safety helmet, you will realize it is not such an easy process, and you have to keep in mind many things before settling with the best one. In this guide, we have listed down the best chainsaw helmets regarding quality and other essential characteristics. 

Benefits of Using Chainsaw Helmet

Many people don’t like using helmets while operating heavy machinery, such as chainsaws. These helmets offer nothing but extra protection when using the tools and working in risky places where danger might befall them. There are multiple benefits of using a chainsaw helmet, and we will discuss some of them in this article.

One of the primary and most obvious benefits of using a good-quality helmet while chainsawing is that it will protect your head from any falling branches or debris. Headgear designed for chainsaw work comes with adjustable ratchet systems and bands that help protect your head from injuries from falls. It also safeguards your eyes and neck against any kind of negative impact or electrical exposures. Wearing helmets is a strict requirement for people working in construction sites.

Helmets come in different colors and are used for specific identifications in construction sites or other workplaces. Workers and their supervisors wear different colors so it is easy to distinguish between them. It is essential and easy to identify the roles of people working together, especially on a large scale project.

Operating heavy machinery such as chainsaws emanates very high-pitched sounds that can be harmful to the ears if there is exposure to this sound for a long time. The earmuffs attached to these helmets help cover the sounds so that you can work continuously for hours without causing any damage to your ears.

Some helmets that come with rain neck protectors allow you to work in the rain. If you are ever stuck in an emergency and have to work in heavy rain, such helmets can be quite useful.

When you are wearing a helmet to work, your productivity increases as you feel more safe and confident while doing your job. Because these helmets safeguard you from harm, you won’t have to work under the stress of unfortunate happenings while working. 

List Of Best Chainsaw Helmets (2021)

1. Husqvarna 592752601 Forest Head Protection Helmet 

Husqvarna 592752601 Forest Head Protection Helmet 

Husqvarna is one of the highly anticipated and prestigious brands to launch high-quality safety gear. This one comes with an Egyptian cotton core, which helps absorb any sweat you break out while working hard on your job. The ‘one size fits all’ feature is highly beneficial, so you don’t have to worry about the helmet topping off your head while working.

Furthermore, the slip ratchet adjustments help secure the helmet tightly to your head. It comes with a high-quality face visor built of fine quality mesh along with hearing protectors. There is a rain shield and a rain neck protector attached to this helmet so you can do your work irrespective of the weather. This top-class product by Husqvarna meets the highest ANSI standards and comes with electrical insulation. 

Key Features

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2. TR Industrial TR88011 Hard Hat Forestry Safety Helmet & Ear Muffs 

TR Industrial TR88011 Hard Hat Forestry Safety Helmet & Ear Muffs 

The best chainsaw helmet at this rate, the TP industrial hard hat, offers five unique features with just one helmet. This one comes with an interchangeable mesh and plastic visors to protect you from harmful debris, which might harm you while using chainsaws. Moreover, the metal visors fit perfectly for maximum head protection. 

The 6-point ratchet suspension system makes sure that the helmet stays properly positioned, and you don’t have to worry about it while working. This Forestry hat comes with earmuffs that can absorb high-density sounds and don’t feel too heavy on the ears. 

It is an ANSI, and Certification Europe approved helmet which even allows ventilation at the top for adequate airflow.

Key Features

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3. Greenworks Chainsaw Safety Helmet with Earmuffs GWSH0 

Greenworks Chainsaw Safety Helmet with Earmuffs GWSH0 

This Greenworks Chainsaw Safety helmet comes with a removable mesh screen built with high-quality material to safeguard your face from flying debris. It also comes with removable earmuffs, so the excessive sounds during work don’t cause long-term damage to your ears. These earmuffs are removable, so you can keep them aside when you are doing other low-profile jobs that don’t require earmuffs.

This helmet also comes with an adjustable suspension, which offers it a universal fit for all head sizes. The dial adjustment makes it stay at s sturdy position and doesn’t allow much movement while working.

The GreenWorks chainsaw is very lightweight and comfortable to wear for longer periods. It has been approved by ANSI and CE to be fit for industrial jobs and construction works. The neon green color adds an improved visibility feature to the hard hat.

Key Features

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4. Husqvarna 577764601 Pro Forest Helmet System with Visor/Hearing Protection

Husqvarna 577764601 Pro Forest Helmet System with Visor

We have included another helmet from Husqvarna into our list because it deserves a spot here. The uncompromising quality and essential features make this helmet a right choice for people who have to work regularly with high-end tools and want to stay protected. 

This UV-protected helmet comes with an adjustable 6-point suspension along with hearing protectors so you can work for longer hours without impairing your hearing capabilities. It also has a mesh face-screen protector, specially designed to save your face from flying debris while cutting wood or doing construction jobs. 

The Husqvarna helmet meets all ANSI and Class GEC standards, which makes it a tough choice. It also comes with a rain shield and rain neck protector, so the weather doesn’t bother you when you are doing a serious job.

Key Features

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5. Felled Forestry Safety Chainsaw Helmet System 

Felled Forestry Safety Chainsaw Helmet System

Protecting yourself from injury while working with mechanical tools or in an environment where you work with many heavy-duty tools should be your priority. That is why Felled Forestry has brought you this chainsaw helmet with face shield and ear protection. 

No matter if you are using a chainsaw, trimmers, cutters, or doing any kind of welding, painting, construction, or any other similar work, this har helmet is built with the best quality material to protect you. This logging helmet made of lightweight material also comes with 6 top vents to keep you from sweating while you work strenuously.

It fits comfortably on any head size and adjustable straps secure the helmet in place while working. The high-density impact-resistant cap comes with a polypropylene shell along with a comfortable fabric attached to it.

Key Features

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6. Pfanner Protos Integral Arborist Helmet 

Pfanner Protos Integral Arborist Helmet

This is one of the most stylish helmets which comes with a robust design and sturdy build quality. Made with advanced systems, the Pfanner Helmet fits perfectly on heads of all sizes and provides an optimum grip on the head while working. It comes with an integrated ear protector and face shield, saving you from any harm or injury while operating heavy tools or machinery. 

There is proper ventilation in the helmet thanks to the outstanding construction, allowing cold air to flow in from all sides and escape through the holes. The chain strap helps secure the helmet in place and also doesn’t cause a problem in hearing.

The best feature of this helmet is that the entire modular principle is adjustable using only two fingers.

Key Features

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7. MESTUDIO Industrial Forestry Safety Helmet With Hearing Protection System 

MESTUDIO Industrial Forestry Safety Helmet With Hearing Protection System

This forestry helmet designed by MeStudio is one of the best selling safety gear in the market. This dependable and robust helmet can safeguard you from facing any hazards while working with heavy-duty machinery, tools, or hazardous environments. The material used to make this helmet is high quality and super comfortable to wear all day long.

The adjustable straps attached to this helmet can be handy to fit the helmet properly to your head. It also comes with removable earmuffs and a mesh visor that protects your face from any damage. This helmet is made with a polycarbonate face shield designed for extra eye protection. It is the most premium choice for workers.

The earmuffs are removable, and when you don’t need it, you can remove them.

Key Features

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8. STIHL 0000 886 0100 Forestry Helmet System 

STIHL 0000 886 0100 Forestry Helmet System

This excellent quality chainsaw helmet is a premium choice when you have to go into the woods for some chipping or trimming work. The hard shell made of ABS thermoplastic material ensures that your head is safe in the most hazardous situations.

The six-point, ratchet suspension system is a bonus as it helps absorb shock and keeps the helmet stable while you perform strenuous jobs throughout the day. This helmet, equipped with a built-in rain gutter, prevents rain from getting into your eyes while you are working in an adverse weather condition.

STIHL has made a pretty durable, robust, lightweight, comfortable, and highly adjustable helmet with a full-face screen to protect you from flying debris. It also has good-quality earmuffs.

Key Features

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9. Husqvarna ProForest Chain Saw Helmet System

Husqvarna ProForest Chain Saw Helmet System 

Another helmet from Husqvarna in our list is that this ProForest Chainsaw helmet is equipped with the best features essential in a good helmet. Husqvarna has been synonymous with quality for many years, and its products have been a favorite among regular helmet users.

This ProForest helmet has a unique one-size-fits-all feature that can fit the head of any size. This helmet is fully adjustable and uses a unique ratchet system to stay put on your head while doing your job. It comes with a 6-point suspension system with earmuffs to block excessive machine noise while working.

The face screen, made of the good-quality mesh, also has a rain neck protector so you can work even in adverse weather conditions.

Key Features

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10. NoCry 6-in-1 Industrial Forestry Safety Helmet and Hearing Protection System 

NoCry 6-in-1 Industrial Forestry Safety Helmet and Hearing Protection System 

The NoCry Forestry Safety helmet comes with a polycarbonate face shield. It has a metal mesh visor attached to it for protection against splinters or flying debris during sawing or drilling. It also has an adjustable 25.9dB SNR twistable earmuffs that you can secure at the back of the helmet when you don’t use it.

This helmet comes with a fully adjustable suspension headband system, which helps to secure the helmet correctly to your head, so it doesn’t budge while you are working continuously for hours. You can easily adjust the headband using a twisted knob attached to the side of this helmet.

Another affordable choice, this helmet comes with a separate face shield apart from a mesh visor to protect your face.

Key Features

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Factors to Consider Before Buying the Best Chainsaw Helmet

You cannot emphasize the importance of purchasing a good chainsaw helmet. While working with heavy machinery, high-end tools, or in hazardous environments, you don’t know when danger might hit you while operating these tools. 

Apart from that, the flying debris while working with chainsaws can get into your eyes. The high decibel sound emanating from operating the machine can cause serious ear problems when you are exposed to it regularly. That is why you have to purchase a good quality chainsaw helmet. When you search the market for the best chainsaw helmet, you must keep in mind the following factors:

  • Safety Standards: Before purchasing your helmet, you must check whether the chainsaw helmet meets the safety standards. This will ensure that the helmet has undergone an authoritative industry check and is safe for use. Usually, the ANSI and CE standards are the most common ones you should check for when purchasing a helmet.
  • Fitting and comfort: You must ensure that the helmet you purchase fits properly to your head and offers maximum grip. It is essential to make sure that it doesn’t slide off when working because it will create a distraction and won’t serve its purpose. Before purchasing a helmet online, check how adjustable the straps are and to what dimensions. Apart from that, it should be comfortable to wear because you’ll be wearing them for an extended period.
  • Proper Ventilation: You want to choose a helmet that doesn’t make your head sweaty and uncomfortable while working. Since working with a chainsaw involves outdoor work in the sun, humid temperatures can cause a lot of sweat, making it difficult to wear a helmet in such situations. Therefore investing in a helmet that has proper ventilation is a good choice.
  • Versatility: When you are purchasing a helmet, you don’t want to use it for a single purpose only. You should be able to use it for work other than chainsawing, such as drilling or other jobs that require the use of a helmet. Hence, when you buy a helmet with removable parts, it can often be used for other jobs. A versatile helmet gives you a better value for money.
  • Colour of the helmet: While this feature does not help protect you from flying debris or falling branches, your helmet’s colors also play a significant role in the visibility. Neon-colored helmets can easily be spotted from a distance even if lighting and visibility are low.

Frequently Asked Questions

Now that we have covered a lot of information about the best chainsaw helmets let us discuss some of the most commonly asked questions about such helmets.

1Q. How often should I buy these helmets?

Ans: When you buy a helmet, the package mentions the product’s life. The manufacturer usually gives you an indication of when you should replace the helmet. In case there is no certified date mentioned, you can change it if you find the quality and standards of the helmet deteriorating, and it has been a reasonable amount of time since you changed it. Because every helmet is made of different quality materials, it is impossible to give a definite date for the replacement of a helmet, but it should depend upon the use and quality of your helmet.

2Q. How strong are these helmets?

Ans: Chainsaw helmets are quite strong, especially the ones which meet the ANSI standards. This test is done solely to check the product’s durability and strength and every product passing this strength can be trusted to protect your head from impact. It also means the helmet has passed a test of burn hazards, electrical shocks, and penetration.

3Q. How comfortable are these helmets?

Ans: Well, this usually would depend upon the build quality of every helmet you purchase. Some helmets are very comfortable while others are less comfortable than the previous ones. That is why it is important to check for your comfort while purchasing one. In general, the suspension system dictates the comfort of a helmet since it absorbs the shocks and secures the helmet to your head.

4Q. Are chainsaw helmets very heavy?

Ans: Chainsaw helmets are not very heavy, and the average weight of the best chainsaw helmet should vary between 1.5 to 2.5 pounds. Various factors can affect the total weight of the helmet. It can be the quality of plastic used to make the helmet or the number of parts the helmet has. It is always recommended to buy lightweight helmets because it will be difficult to wear heavy-weighted helmets for longer periods.

5Q. What are the parts of a chainsaw helmet?

Ans: While there are different parts in different helmets, the most common features of a chainsaw helmet include the visor or mesh for face protection, earmuffs for hearing protection, and a hard hat. Chin straps are also a common feature of these helmets, which help adjust the helmet properly to fit the head.

Final Words:

Working with a chainsaw exposes you to several dangers and health hazards. You don’t know when you can become prey to an unfortunate incident, and you don’t want to risk your life by being so negligent. While working with a chainsaw you are also exposed to dust and debris that can enter your eyes and cause a disturbance.

The high-end tool also produces a lot of noise while operating and being exposed to such a high-pitched noise for hours at a stretch can have an adverse effect on your hearing capabilities. All the best chainsaw helmets mentioned in this list are of top-most quality and are from renowned brands. Hence you can buy any chainsaw helmet mentioned in our list after going through their features, pros, and cons.

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