Best Pole Saws (2021) – Everything You Need to Know

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In the list of convenient tools, pole saws are turning into a delight to own. These handy tools eliminate the need to climb tall trees to trim them to your liking. You don’t need any ladder, nor do you have to extend yourself to your limits. 

You can use one by raising your hand, and it will deliver the desired cut you want. However, a pole saw’s sturdiness with performance is of utmost importance for safe cutting endeavors. The market is full of pole saws ranging in price, features, and other integrations. Thus, it becomes a perplexing task to find your best trimming companion. 

There’s no need to worry! We have compiled the list of the best pole saws by considering some of the indispensable factors. With that, we have prepared the ultimate buyer’s guide and some other vital information to become your one-stop for a perfect selection! Let’s begin by understanding some things.

What Is A Pole Saw?

It is essentially a saw that comes attached with a pole for extended reach. The idea behind pole saw it to provide users ease at reaching critical heights. Primarily, pruning and trimming of trees require a pole saw, and it is efficient in delivering the results. People often use it for cutting branches, vines, and clean-cutting the bushes, which is less efficient but viable. Correlatively, you can detach the pole to operate a pole saw like an actual saw, albeit lower in power and performance aspects. Overall, it is a versatile tool that has several applications.

Reasons To Buy A Pole Saw

There are pruners and other manual tools available to carry out the task a pole saw can complete. However, for efficient and precise work, a pole saw is a valuable asset that none of the manual tools can meet. Let’s not forget that it is still a versatile tool, even if it lacks the power of performance in other aspects. Here are some of the cohesive reasons to purchase a pole saw:

Hiring a professional to carry out pruning and refinement for your bushes and trees is an expensive task. Regardless of how ‘efficient’ or ‘feasible’ they claim to be, they’ll never compare to owning a pole saw. By using a pole saw by yourself, you will save a lot of money on professional assistance.

Unlike manual tools, a pole saw is automatic and precise. You move it around, and the cutting is automated for utmost precision. Reach is easy with extended support of the pole, and you can efficiently cut branches, bushes, and other similar things. Manual tools are time-consuming, but a pole saw makes it easy for you.

Using a pole saw is not exhaustive as you can take breaks. There is no requirement to climb the trees or use other tools to perform the task. Additionally, there are several power modes available for a pole saw like gas, electric, or battery. You can choose the one that fits your requirement the best.

As stated above, there are different types of models for pole saws available in the market. There are gas-powered, electrical corded, and seamless battery powered pole saws.

Furthermore, poles may be telescopic or detachable to assist you in several other tasks. We’ve mentioned that a pole saw is a versatile tool. Apart from the choices in a pole saw’s model, you also get a useful tool for other tasks. Overall, it is a highly versatile tool.

A pole saw is highly precise and efficient in carrying out the task. Thus, you get a touch of professional finish by using it. There is no need to hire a professional to give that ‘fine’ retouching for your garden, lawn, or trees. You need to learn how to move the pole saw, and the rest is a breeze to achieve. A pole saw can prove to be a professional tool.

Similarly, several professional pruning service providers utilize a pole saw to keep up to date with the latest methodologies. You can get them by yourself for a DIY application. Becoming self-sufficient is an indispensable requirement in today’s world, and a pole saw can help you achieve that.

Now that you understand how valuable a pole saw can be, it’s time we present you our list of the best pole saws!

Best Pole Saw Reviews 2021

1. CRAFTSMAN V20 Pole Saw, 14-Foot

craftsma v20 pole saw

CRAFTSMAN is known for providing utility tools for a wide range of users. With a 4.0 Ah battery, you get a pole saw that brings you extended work time for extra work. Its 14 ft reach with extension is excellent for trimming and pruning the tallest of trees with ease.

The material is premium with softness to offer comfort to the holder. Thus, you get maximum maneuverability for precision tasks. Craftsman products have Versatrack compatibility. If you have a Versatrack wall organizer for other tools, this will fit like a piece of the puzzle, among other devices.

With this pole saw, you get a battery and charge. It’s most striking aspect is that you can find easy replacements for its chain and bar system. This pole saw comes with three years of warranty. 

Key Features

  • Extension: 8 Foot
  • Type: Battery
  • Weight: 5.97 Pounds
  • Power: 20 V

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2. Sun Joe SWJ800E 8-Inch 6.5-Amp Telescoping Electric Pole Chain Saw

Sun Joe SWJ800E 8-Inch 6.5-Amp Telescoping Electric Pole Chain Saw

Here is a pole that delivers impeccable reach with around 8.7 ft of extension that can reach overhead. The powerful motor of 6.5 amp delivers up to 6000 RPM with the ability to cut through branches as thick as 7.5 inches. The telescoping reach is fantastic to adjust the height, with a sound performance of around 108 decibels.

This electric pole saw has something similar to gas saws. It comes with an automatic lubrication option with a separate, quick fill oil tank that allows you to work non-stop. With the power of electricity, you don’t need breaks at all to work efficiently throughout the day.

Snow Joe + Sun comes with impeccable customer care service and around two years of warranty from the date of purchase. You can get answers to all of your queries through their customer support. An eight-inch bar chain with a push to power is a fantastic addition for user convenience.

Key Features

  • Extension: 8.7 Foot
  • Type: Electric
  • Weight: 7.7 Pounds
  • Power: 6.5 Amp

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If you don’t need a robust pole saw but the one with enough backup to deliver cutting for your branches, this one’s for you. This pole saw from Black + Decker comes with around 100 cuts per minute and suitable for branches as thick as one and a half-inch.

With an 8 inch of bar chain, you gain the cutting diameter of around 6 inches to get through any material. It is a lightweight fiberglass construct with a little delicate pole. The pole saw packs the power of a 20 V battery, which lasts five times longer than other conventional batteries.

Overall, it is a pole saw with a minimalist design that will get the work done. It is highly feasible and easy to carry with a detachable saw. The reach is standard, and functions are balanced. Nothing too significant with a standard warranty.

Key Features

  • Extension: 8 ft
  • Type: Battery 
  • Weight: 10.4 Pounds
  • Power: 20 V

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4. Worx WG309, 8 Amp 10-inch Corded Electric Pole Saw

Worx WG309, 8 Amp 10-inch Corded Electric Pole Saw

Worx brings you a highly reliable two in one tool that offers you a pole saw and a regular chainsaw integration for multi-purpose applications. The eight amps of a powerful motor and 10 inches of chain bar provide exceptional cutting power for your pruning and trimming requirements.

Similar to a gas-powered chainsaw, this one also has an automatic oiler for lubrication. Thus, you can operate the pole saw for extended periods with higher efficiency. This pole saw is highly user-friendly with a DIY-compatible design that brings cutting-edge technology for the users.

For extra calibration, you get an automatic chain tension system that ensures that your chainsaw wouldn’t retain intense strain or pressure from cutting. The tool-less installation ensures that you can get an extra 8 feet of reach to reach the tallest of segments easily. Overall, you get a reliable saw with high-grade components.

Key Features

  • Extension: 8 Foot
  • Type: Electric
  • Weight: 10 Pounds
  • Power: 8 Amp

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5. Greenworks 8.5’ 40V Cordless Pole Saw

Greenworks 8.5' 40V Cordless Pole Saw, 2.0 AH Battery Included 20672

Greenworks brings you another brilliant addition to the list with its battery-powered pole saw that comes with a G-MAX 40V Li-Ion battery with 2Ah power. This ensures you get around 30 cutting tasks done in any single go without any interruption.

The pole saw is lighter than other additions on the list. However, the most striking part is it’s easy to adjust chain tensioning systems for efficient workload for non-stop performance. Its automatic oiler further ensures lubrication for smooth operations.

You get an aluminum construction that ensures durability with light-body for up to 8 ft of additional reach. The 8-inch bar and chain provide the diameter of around 4 inches for easy cutting, making it a perfect selection for pruning and trimming, but not so great for other tasks. You get a substantial grip with it overmold integration on the handle.

Key Features

  • Extension: 8-6 Foot
  • Type: Battery
  • Weight: 8.36 Pounds
  • Power: 2 A

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6. Remington RM1035P Ranger II 8-Amp Electric 2-in-1 Pole Saw

Remington RM1035P Ranger II 8-Amp Electric 2-in-1 Pole Saw

Remington pole saw comes with a telescopic pole that can extend up to 10 feet for an unmatched reach of around 15 feet for an average person. This reach alone is capable of distinguishing the pole from the competitors. Furthermore, it has two in one function as a detachable chain saw for other tasks such as cutting the logs.

It is electric-powered by a powerful 8 amp motor with stability to reduce recoil and kickback. For extra reach in diameter, it has a 10-inch bar to cut through almost any branch. Additionally, you get a non-slip grip with an anti-rotation pole to maintain impeccable stability and comfort in operation.

Flip-lock makes it easy to hold the pole in a specific position. You get the reliance of Remington, a well-established company with cutting edge technology. This pole saw has fantastic versatility and proves to be one of the most user-friendly poles out in the market for its price. It is safe and easy to use.

Key Features

  • Extension: 10 Foot
  • Type: Electric
  • Weight: 12.5 Pounds
  • Power: 8 Amp

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7. DEWALT 20V MAX XR Pole Saw


If you’re looking for a pole saw with the best reach, then this one will fit your requirement. Dewalt is bringing you a pole saw with 15 feet of unparalleled distance. You get an 8 inch of bar and chain for standard cutting diameter.

The battery-powered pole saw has a brushless motor that delivers almost 100 cuts per charge. Thus, making it highly efficient, but the best part is its impeccable balance. The pole doesn’t slack in any of the aspects with ergonomic design and durable material integration.

You get the standard auto oiling for lubrication. Additional features include bucking strips and tree hooks for easy removal of branches and other obstacles. It has the power to cut a four by four pressure-treated pine wood seamlessly.

Key Features

  • Extension: 10 Foot
  • Type: Battery
  • Weight: 15 Pounds
  • Power: 20 V

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8. Sun Joe SWJ802E 9 FT 6.5 Amp Electric Pole Chain Saw

Sun Joe SWJ802E 9 FT 6.5 Amp Electric Pole Chain Saw

This is a pole saw which you can consider a jack of all trades. It brings you an extension of up to 9.4, which can pair up with your height to reach great lengths. You get a reasonably light pole saw with such a massive reach, weighing below 8 pounds.

That’s not all. It has a powerful 6.5 ampere of a motor in the electric function. Additionally, you get a 0 to 30 degree of head angle bend to conveniently reach and cut difficult places. Apart from multi-angle, you get a push to the power button for extra efficiency.

It is excellent for cutting anything that has around 7.5 inches of thickness. You have a great pole saw at a feasible price range that is multi-purpose and versatile. This is hands down, the best one on the list with the reliability of the Sun Joe brand.

Key Features

  • Extension: 9.4 Foot
  • Type: Electric
  • Weight: 7.9 Pounds
  • Power: 6.5 Amp

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Your Ultimate Guide For Buying Pole Saws

From the reviews, you may gauge that there are several factors at play when determining a right pole saw. If you’re not content, or if you seek to explore in-depth about the pole saw you might purchase, then this guide can help you. Here you will find a list of some of the most relevant information. To make an informed decision, we present you a comprehensive guide on how to choose the best pole saw according to your requirement:

Pay Attention To The Power Type:

A pole saw is available in four choices for power. From the least powerful to most, you get a manual, battery, electric, and gas-powered pole saw. Each one of these has its perks and drawbacks. Thus, it is paramount for you to understand them in detail.

1. Manual Pole Saws

Manual pole saws are the cheapest options available in the market. These are the models that you purchase to get by. Manual pole saws don’t have power, performance, or precision. These are essentially a manual saw connected to a pole, that’s all. However, some models may have an integration like a level that you can move by using your other hand for some cutting power. These are not designed for intense tasks, simple pruning, and cutting leaves or shaping your bushes can be achieved by using these. If you have minor pruning and trimming requirements with a small piece of yard or lawn, these might be good for you.

2. Battery Pole Saws

A battery pole saw is one of the most convenient types of pole saw available in the market. It is cordless and doesn’t require a power output to function. Unlike a manual pole saw, it has a battery-powered motor for automatic functions. You can carry them anywhere and use them to the peak of their capabilities. Many battery pole saws are parallel to electric pole saws in power. The only difference is the limit of usage as the battery will run out sooner or later. As the battery pole saw utilized a li-ion battery, it requires extra time to charge. However, you can purchase additional batteries for extra work.

3. Electric Pole Saws

Electric models are generally equal to a battery-powered pole saw in power and performance. Some may have a different range incapacity, overall these are the right choice for DIY-enthusiasts, similar to a battery pole saw. You would require a power outlet to connect the cord with, and that is a significant restriction to some. For in-home users, it is an excellent addition to its seemingly limitless performance with minimal break requirements. Some electric-powered models come with built-in batteries for emergencies or different use with similar efficiency. An electric pole saw is a well-versed product.

4. Gas Power Pole Saws

Almost every type of saw in the world is monstrously powerful when they are powered by gas. A pole saw is no exception, and pole saw can deliver exceptional power and performance. Many professionals utilize a gas-powered pole saw and assists in carrying out a range of heavy-duty work. However, a gas-powered pole emits fumes and smoke. It is comparatively heavier than other saw models and requires robust handling. Thus, a professional is the right user for these types of pole saw. For DIY users, this is not a good selection. However, if you’re running a service or seek industrial expertise, this is the best option. 

Determine The Correct Reach:

A pole saw is worth investment due to the ease of reach it provides for critical sections. Manufacturing companies mislead the users by adding the average height of the person with the maximum extension of the pole. The sum is what they advertise as ‘reach’ for the users. In simple words, most of the pole saws that showcase reach range is not the length of the pole saw. It is the average height of a person (around 6 ft) plus the size of the pole.

So how can you select a pole according to your requirement? Check for the ‘extension’ factor of the pole. The extension is the actual limit of a pole’s length. Add it to your height to determine the maximum reach. Additionally, you can extend your arm high as long as it is comfortable and measure from your hand to toe length and then combine the pole’s length. This method will enable you to determine the correct reach each pole offers.

Exhaustion And Strain Are Important To Consider

People often overlook their physical limitations while purchasing a pole saw. It is essential to consider these factors to determine what type of model will suit you best. Here are some pointers for you:

  • If you’re not capable of carrying heavyweight, try not to opt for gas-powered versions. For most people, a battery or manual pole saw is better to operate. These are lighter and won’t cause any strain on the body. A gas-powered pole saw is ideal for a physically fit individual who has trained to handle the tool. Otherwise, it will just be exhaustive for you. If you want to avoid ache, strain, and other discomforts, choose a pole saw that fits your lifting capabilities.
  •  While you may use the extension of your arm to calculate the reach, you have to consider your endurance. You won’t be able to hold your arm up for an extensive timeframe. Thus, it would require you to take breaks and rest. It may even take a toll on you to keep the arm extended. Thereby, you need to consider a comfortable reach, which wouldn’t require you to consistently extend the arm to the max of your capabilities.
  • A professional or heavy pole saw is not as stable as other models. You may potentially risk yourself and others if you decide to operate the heavy machines. Stability and precision are paramount for a pole saw. Therefore, it is crucial to understand your skills regarding the pole saw. You can choose to begin with manual ones and slowly learn more skills to rise to the level of a professional.
  • Don’t forget, tools are an invention to ease your task. You shouldn’t sacrifice your comfort or keep yourself in a strenuous situation for too long to utilize a tool. If you don’t have ease while operating the device, then it isn’t worth your investment. Reconsider your options and look for alternatives. 

The Purpose Of Your Pole Saw

It is essential to consider the range of work you’re hoping for your pole saw to complete. Is it for light to moderate branches and leaves? Then a manual or battery-powered pole saw is a better fit. However, anything higher than that would require anything between an electric to a gas-powered pole saw. An electric saw with battery power is the most convenient and versatile pole saw you can get your hands on.

Correlatively, if you plan to use it for applications other than pruning and trimming, consider the power of your saw. It is a good idea to research and see what kind of saw and how much energy you require for other tasks you have in mind. If nothing, then you should at least get a saw with easy to find a replacement for parts. That would save you from making your pole saw utterly useless. Therefore, it is paramount to consider the purpose of the pole saw. We stated that it could be your jack of all trades, but it doesn’t mean that it will be robust in other tasks.

According to what you use the pole saw for, and how much you use it, maintenance and other requirements also vary. It is important to find easy to maintain and easy to clean pole saws. Regular care is vital for the longevity of any tool.

Consider The Upkeep

So here’s the question. Will, you regularly clean your pole saw after each use? It might sound easy, but people often neglect this task. As a result, the integrity of your pole saw may get compromised. If this is the case, opt for electrical saws as they require minimal maintenance and repairs. A gas-powered saw requires regular cleaning, oiling, and other maintenance. Manual ones require regular cleaning and oiling as well. Thereby making battery or electric pole saws best for ‘maintenance-friendly’ and ‘cheap-upkeep’ qualities. Other models often need repairs from a professional, while with electric or battery type, you can replace the components efficiently.

The Confidence Of Warranty

A warranty is a way for the brands to reflect their trust in the quality of their product. If you see a product with minimal to no warranty, the quality might be suspicious. Any company worth its prestige would offer at least standard warranty time. However, there is a trick to determine if the warranty is genuine or not:

  • A manufacturer warranty means that if your product arrives defective, before use, the company will replace it. This warranty starts from the date of manufacture of the pole saw. It is essential to look at it and see if your product has run out of this warranty before purchase or not.
  • Other warranty or guarantee may have limited offers. Some companies advertise years of warranty for a specific part but show it as a complete warranty package. So pay attention to these factors of warranty to make sure that you’re getting a qualitative product that is worth your investment.
  • In the end, you get what you pay for. Don’t extend too many services or extensive warranty on a cheap product. If you want the reliance of a company, it is pivotal for you to make an equally worthy investment.

A Tip For Better Cost On The Pole Saw

It indeed comes down to the amount of money you’re willing to invest. However, there are certain tricks to get better deals. You can browse different dealers that offer other discounts. Don’t ever settle for a single dealer. It doesn’t mean that you can get a state of the art pole saw at a flea market price.

You should be willing to pay for the features, convenience, and other utilities if you want a premium-grade pole. Similarly, you should make sure that you aren’t getting looted for a cheap or a knock off tool either. It is better to thoroughly exam or tests the pole saw before purchasing it. Making sure that the dealer has a return guarantee is a better idea.

Regardless of how small or extended a saw is, it is a saw after all. A chain saw is a powerful tool and equally dangerous. Thus, it is pivotal for you to check for the safety features. The stability of the pole saw should be impeccable, the grip should be firm, and the mount or bolting system should be sturdy. Check thoroughly to ensure that you are getting all of the safety features that you require. If you’re looking to gift it to someone, then consider their physical capabilities and purchase the one that would be ‘lighter’ for them. That is a good rule of thumb to give a tool, always buy what you think would be ‘lighter’ or ‘easier to handle’ for the person.

Final Words:

This is the best collection of pole saws with a variety of models and ranges that suits anyone’s requirement. Whether you’re looking for a saw under budget or a powerful monstrosity for vital tasks, we bring all of them for this review. 

Don’t waste your time browsing through the internet to learn how to find your best pole saw. With an ultimate comprehensive guide, we aim to help you get the most information for choosing the best product.

We have considered the factors in the guide and other in-depth applications to bring you this review. Ease up your task of pruning and trimming long trees and bushes precisely. Get one of the best pole saws for efficient performance. 

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