Best Chainsaw Sharpeners (2021) – Reviews & Buying Guide

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Did you know that you can save a lot of money on your chainsaw blades? All you need is a qualitative chainsaw sharpener. Whether you use your chainsaw often or occasionally, having the best chainsaw sharpener will save you from discarding the chainsaw blade.

Therefore, you will save a lot instead of looking for new chains. Of course, there are several factors for you to consider, such as the model of your chainsaw and the type of machine you have. To save your time, we have compiled the list of the 10 best chainsaw sharpeners.

This review contains a buyer’s guide and other relevant information. By using a chainsaw sharpener, you can work continually with minimal breaks and higher precision. Forget the worries of a worn-out blade! Here’s the list of the best chainsaw sharpeners!

Best Chainsaw Sharpener Review (2021)

1. Oregon 410-120 Bench or Wall Mounted Saw Chain Sharpener

Oregon 410-120 Bench or Wall Mounted Saw Chain Sharpener

Starting off the list is a great sharpener that you can bolt to a bench or wall. This one is convenient with easy to use adjustments and built-in light. You get a one-way motor rotation, so you don’t have to worry about safety in these regards.

More importantly, it comes with three grinding wheels that allow you to sharpen different types of chainsaw. If you own multiple chainsaws or run a contractor service, this is a good addition. You get depth gauge grinding, dressing brick, and a quick sharpening option.

It is compatible with chainsaws ranging from low profile size to .404 inch pitch chain. You get extended nose life for remarkable performance. It comes with the latest sprocket nose system for your convenience. The flexibility to have a wall or bench mount certainly makes it stand out.

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2. MOIGIN Chainsaw Sharpener

MOIGIN Chainsaw Sharpener

Looking for more of a portable sharpener? Then this lightweight sharpener is perfect for you to carry. In a couple of seconds, you will have a perfectly sharpened blade. All you need to do is holster the blade inside the mouth and rev it up!

It has a rod sharpener type design to ensure proper lubrication of your chain. There is no requirement for you to use the hand, with its stand, you can place it down firmly and sharpen your blade. Thus, reducing your chances of pricking or cutting your hand.

You get two extra stones for more extended sharpening performance. More importantly, it is a universally compatible sharpener for chainsaws ranging between 14 to 20 inches. It requires two holes in a chainsaw to work better. Additionally, you gain access to customer care service for any guidance.

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If you’re someone who occasionally uses a chainsaw, then this is an excellent addition to your arsenal. This one is a two in one that helps you file the chain proficiently. It performs two tasks, sharpening and depth gauging, at the same time. Thus, you save a lot of time consecutively.

For a perfect angle, you get etched lines to keep under consideration. It is a highly durable product that will last for a good while. However, as it is a manual product, you’d have to count how many strokes it took for you. That would allow for precise sharpening.

With a couple of instructions or video instructions, you can become significant in using the tool. For a beginner, it would take a little time to get used to it. Once you understand it, the filing will become a breeze for you. It is a premium-grade sharpener available at a feasible range.

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4. Mini Bench Mount Electric Chainsaw Grinder Sharpener

Mini Bench Mount Electric Chainsaw Grinder Sharpener

Looking for something more automatic and powerful, but convenient to use? Here’s a powerful motor with a saw chain pitch ranging ¼ to ⅜ inches. With 85 Watt performance, you have an outstanding bench mounted sharpener.

For your convenience, you get ahead pivot design and vice angles that are adjustable up to 35 degrees. Thus, bringing you the flexibility to work on different chain saws with varying depths and designs. To maintain control over the blade, you get brakes to hold the chain down.

This is a versatile sharpener that will appeal to an everyday household user to a contractor. Therefore, it is excellent for residential or commercial applications. Highly-feasible with a fantastic design that roars power. It is a must-have for anyone with multiple chainsaws.

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5. Codirom Chainsaw Sharpener

Codirom Chainsaw Sharpener

Codirom brings you another sharpener with two in one function of sharpening and depth gauging with a single step. It is highly portable but equally durable to help you with easy and precise sharpening moves. What makes it such a great addition to the list?

It has a combined tooth and flat filer, which discards the requirement for any form of a guide, and you can carry it conveniently. You get steel construction for longevity and work with ⅜ inches of pitch and up to 4 mm of length. There are other size options available if this doesn’t suit you, of course.

It has markings for angular shifts, and you can sharpen the lower rakers with the tooth. Unlike other sharpeners, you get a clear and comprehensive guide with manuals to use. It is an excellent choice if you have dull blades that need quick sharpening. Overall, if you have a full chisel chain requirement, this one is good.

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6. Backridge Chainsaw Sharpener

Backridge Chainsaw Sharpener

Backridge brings you a very compelling selection of tools in its filing kit for your chainsaws. You get a range of tools for thorough filing, sharpening, gauging, and much more. If you are a manual sharpener person who wants to be thorough, it can’t get any better than this.

To meet the requirement of different chain sizes, you get three different round file sizes. Additionally, you get a flat-file that makes the depth for rakers convenient. The depth gauge of the kit will help you level out the teeth better.

Of course, unlike other snap and bolt tools, you have hardwood handles for a firm grip on the instruments. Thereby, it won’t slip if it gets stuck. For ease of storage and carry, you get all of these in a tool pouch that rolls up.

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7. Granberg Bar-Mount ChainSaw Sharpener

Granberg Bar-Mount ChainSaw Sharpener

Granberg brings you a convenient bar-mount sharpener. It eliminates the need to have a wall or bench mount, nor do you have the unpredictable instability of a manual sharpener. This sharpener is relatively lightweight, around 1 pound, and fixes on the bar of your chainsaw.

Therefore, it is highly compatible with various chainsaw modules. You can adjust the depth and the level of sharpness you require. All you have to do is move the chain and get precise sharpening for the chain. You get exceptionally accurate sharpening for the chainsaw.

It is a versatile sharpener that people from a different sector can use. Whether you’re a lumberjack, a contractor, or DIY-enthusiast, this is one of the best chainsaw sharpeners available in the market.

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8. Pferd 17304 Sharp CS-X Chain Saw Sharpener

Pferd 17304 Sharp CS-X Chain Saw Sharpener

Here’s another convenient and easy to carry PFERD sharpener for manual endeavours. This flexible sharpener has a minimalist design and straightforward application. You can adjust the depth of the gauge while sharpening the teeth without any break, which makes it a great selection.

The best part about this sharpener is that it is beginner-friendly. If you don’t have the skills, you don’t have to worry about uneven cutting, as it has the lines to help you get the precise filing. To further ease it for you, you can flip the device and sharpen the other side of the teeth without needing to change the angle of the device.

For beginners, it comes with a guide that seems to teach you very-well. More importantly, it has an accurate design and premium-quality build that makes it stand out. If you are looking for a feasible device with ergonomic design, it can’t get better than this.

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9. Stihl 2 N 1 Easy File Chainsaw Chain Sharpener

Stihl 2 N 1 Easy File Chainsaw Chain Sharpener

There’s one notable competitor to the quality of Pferd, and that’s Stihl. Both of these stand toe to toe in offering excellent sharpening tools. On the list, we have the 2 in 1 easy file sharpener for chainsaws from Stihl. What makes it worth having on the list?

It brings you a simplistic process of chainsaw sharpening. It has accurate gauge and lines for precise sharpening. However, you get two round files and one flat file for comprehensive and specific sharpening requirements, making it stand out. Additionally, you get a file holder and guide for multiple functions.

While it looks similar to the previous sharpener on the list, these extra features and items make it worth adding on the list. It utilizes premium-quality sharpeners so you can notice the difference from the very first stroke. However, it slacks in providing a better guideline. For the price, you get a great selection.

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10. Mophorn Sawchaingrinder 110V Chainsaw Sharpener

Mophorn Sawchaingrinder 110V Chainsaw Sharpener

With a monstrous 230 Watt motor and 3000 RPM capacity, Mophorn surpasses its competitors on the list by miles. Here is a chainsaw sharpener that suits ¼ to 3/8 inches of blades for broad range in compatibility. To take care of your safety, you get a lamp and disc guard in this brilliantly sleek design.

It is an aluminum body with reinforced hinges. This delivers robust performance and sharpness capabilities. It comes with adjustable integration to change the size, angle, and type of chain and perform quick sharpening. Does it get any better? Yes, it does.

While the motor is powerful, it delivers quiet operations. You can set the depth, scale the blade, and sharpen it immediately. Overall, it is a versatile and customization-friendly sharpener. You can mount it on the wall or bench for impeccable stability. Furthermore, it works with semi and full chisel designs, as well!

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Factors To Consider For The Best Chainsaw Sharpener

If you believe in being a resourceful person, you’d need the best chainsaw sharpener. It doesn’t matter how potent or cutting edge your chainsaw is unless the blades work equally precisely. There are countless options available from a manual sharpener to electric ones. You will find a bench mounted and many others. Looking past all of that, here are the most important factors to consider before you buy a chainsaw sharpener:

  • Size Compatibility: You have to make sure that the sharpener you’re using works with the size of your chainsaw’s blade. It is vital to match the length of your chain. Furthermore, a handy tool with ease in storage and portability can be an excellent factor to consider. So, it shouldn’t just be compatible with your chainsaw, but with you as well.
  • Safety Features: There isn’t much safety that you can expect from a sharpening tool. Inevitably, you have to use the hands-on blade. It risks possible cuts. How can you tone it down? Sharpeners that have a closing over the tip of the blade would be a good selection. Either that or some that have additional safety for your hand and fingers. The angle of the chainsaw sharpener can make a significant difference, as well.

Apart from these, if you want better compatibility, you can get universal sharpeners. However, if you’re a service provider such as a wood contractor or something similar, then a bench-mounted chainsaw sharpener would be a better option. These sharpeners are quick and deliver precise sharpening. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1Q. How Often Should You Sharpen The Chainsaw?

Ans: While the use of a chainsaw positively affects its sharpness, your chain is bound to wear out eventually. Whether you use it regularly or not doesn’t matter. A general rule of thumb, whether you use it daily or occasionally, is to sharpen your chains every time you refuel your chainsaw. Whenever you take a break for your electric or battery saw, this applies similarly. 

2Q. When Should You Replace The Chain? 

Ans: You will eventually have to replace the chain. To find out the best time to replace the chain, carefully examine the chain. If there are cracks on the chain, it’s time to replace it. Correlatively, if the longest cutting tooth is less than 4mm, it’s time for you to buy a new chain for your machine. Don’t neglect to purchase the new chain and always carry a spare if possible. It will save you a lot of trouble. 

3Q. Can You Do Filing Or Sharpening In A Forest? 

Ans: It shouldn’t be a problem where you do the filing. You can use the log or stumps that are present in the area to store your chainsaw. Make sure that it is placed steadily before you use the sharpener on it. It should be a breeze for you to sharpen your chainsaw. However, make sure to examine your chainsaw for other problems such as oiling and refueling. Always check out the chain before you sharpen it.

Final Words:

There are countless benefits to having the best chainsaw sharpener. You can cut precisely with the utmost smoothness. It boosts your efficiency, and you will require less physical strength and effort to get the job done. You drastically reduce the chances of accidents from blunt chain break and other similar scenarios.

It boosts the longevity of your chain blades and the motor of the chainsaw. You won’t notice, but it will save a lot on the power and fuel if you have one that operates with gas. It is easy to use innovation that eases up the sharpening process.

Hence, we have worked to bring you the best sharpening tools. Electrical or manual, don’t let the blunt or worn out blade become a hindrance to your performance. Get the best that you deserve!

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