7 Best Commercial Walk Behind Mowers in 2020

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  • The 33.3-pound machine is easy to carry around with the help of its sturdy wheels.
  • The 14-inch deck size will offer you decent productivity in less time.
  • It comes with two push kit offerings with a 19' and 21' blade panel. 
  • A single battery offers 45 minutes of run time on a full charge.

WORX WG779 40V Power Share Lawn Mower

  • The auto-start feature helps you avoid using stupid threads for starting.
  • The 14-inch deck width gives you a decent room to cut the lawn grass.

If you are not a gardener, then the chances are that you’re unaware of the walk-behind mowers. Lawnmowers are a necessity in any setting. Commercial places and businesses also require maintenance of their garden aesthetics. A walk behind the mower can be the best companion to keep the grass level and green. It is an excellent investment that will give you benefits when you pair it with the right man. One has to walk with the mower to push it around the ground. It helps you to stay in complete control of the area that needs some chopping. In this guide, we will review some of the best commercial walks behind mowers for maintaining your garden. 

We have come up with an average budget of $1000 for this device. Many people will prefer spending less on their garden needs. You can find a mower which fits your requirements and is also budget-friendly. We recommend trying this out to get the best results. Let’s find you the best value, premium, and editor’s pick for these lawnmowers. 

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There are tons of advantages when it comes to a walk-behind mower. In commercial cases, it is especially helpful for gardeners. You can maintain a business park with great precision. The job becomes quick and efficient with the help of a skilled operator.

Advantages Of Using A Walk Behind Mower

  • They are powerful devices that cut through the grass like butter on a knife.
  • The lawnmowers run on highly efficient fuel engines that can run for hours with the operator’s help.
  • Speeds up the process of beautifying your surroundings.
  • Mulch storage bags enable you to dispose of the clippings quickly.
  • These devices come with access control features.

Best Commercial Walk Behind Mowers (2020)

1. Greenworks 14-Inch 9 Amp Corded Electric Lawn Mower

Greenworks 14-Inch 9 Amp Corded Electric Lawn Mower

Greenworks is an excellent brand that makes ideal lawnmowers. They have a growing reputation in the online marketplaces. Users will enjoy trying this device on their office porch. It is suitable for small lawns and parks in a closed vicinity. The corded power use is a significant drawback that limits its use. You should purchase this option if you have a known single area to mow through the years. The machinery is durable and will last you quite long. Greenworks is sensible to invest in an extension cord while using this lawnmower. It is the best option for a small yard.

Key Features

  • The 33.3-pound machine is easy to carry around with the help of its sturdy wheels.
  • The 14-inch deck size will offer you decent productivity in less time.
  • It comes with a 2 in 1 design which is perfect for bagging and mulching.
  • There are two front 6-inch wheels and 7 inch rear wheels that give you maximum maneuverability. 
  • Its foldable handles help you to save the full storage space.
  • What We Like
  • The low operating noise is a blessing for a commercial environment.
  • The grass catcher makes it convenient for you to clean up while cutting automatically. 
  • The lightweight product comes with an easy to assemble a guide to help you out. 
  • It can cut through high feet of grass effortlessly. 
  • What We Don't Like
  • The corded application of this equipment is not sensible in many cases.
  • It is handy only for small gardens and backyards in an office setting. 

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2. Mowox MNA152613

Mowox MNA152613

Mowox is a new name in the lawnmower industry. They have, however, changed the game with this fantastic piece of machinery. The powerful and efficient cordless mower checks all the boxes for the perfect lawnmower. The use of instant technology brings you excellent battery life and easy recharge potential. It is a joy to keep the mower up to speed with the latest lawn equipment. You can forget about it after making the purchase. Users will spend very little time trying to maintain the device. It requires one battery for its highly effective performance. We recommend you try this service for your use. 

Key Features

  • The zero-turn radius is sufficient for complete coverage of your lawn.
  • The push-button start feature makes sure you don't have to pull ropes unnecessarily. 
  • It comes in a hybrid gas and battery-powered segment. 
  • Its 163cc engine is highly significant for regular operations. 
  • What We Like
  • The front single wheel design allows you to cover every nook and corner of your lawn.
  • It comes with a self-propelled and in-start technology. 
  • A single level enables you to adjust the height up to six different levels. 
  • Just check and add features that help you to keep the engine in check. 
  • What We Don't Like
  • The large size of the machinery makes it take up a lot of storage space. 
  • There are no adjustments to the self-propelled motor speeds. 

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3. Snapper XD 82V MAX Cordless Electric

POWER WORKS 60V 21-inch SP Mower

Snapper is a high-quality manufacturer of lawn mowing equipment. These devices are perfect for commercial use on a large lawn. The cordless nature makes it convenient for all the gardeners. You can get seamless grass throughout the commercial area. The cutting blades walk smoothly over perfect grass to bring your results. Get a specific lawn effortlessly using the 82V machinery. The efficient lithium-ion batteries will last you years if charged systematically. You are also protecting the environment by not using expensive gas-powered mowers. They offer different battery types with three popular options 2.0, 4.0, and 5.0 packs.

Key Features

  • It comes with two push kit offerings with a 19' and 21' blade panel. 
  • A single battery offers 45 minutes of run time on a full charge.
  • They make use of a three in one design in their products.
  • There is an efficient smart load and sensing technology for power management.
  • You can try the height adjustment feature to ensure it is simple to use the lawnmower.
  • What We Like
  • They offer users with two battery packs for efficient clipping sessions.
  • You can mulch, bag, or side discharge the grass while it gets cut. 
  • The included fast charger makes it simple to stay prepared for a lawn day.
  • The powerful brushless 1200 watt motor offers you long life and high power.
  • Holding the machinery is a joy with the help of the vulcanized rubber hand mounts.
  • What We Don't Like
  • The 60-pound weight of the machinery can be heavy for some people
  • The repair store can be a bit dodgy for this equipment, and you should check the distance from your place.

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4. POWER WORKS 60V 21-inch SP Mower

POWER WORKS 60V 21-inch SP Mowers

The power works SP mower brings the best use for your garden. They offer users two unique models for your lawn mowing needs. Users can select from a brushless and self-propelled version. We recommend the self-propelled mower to our readers. It is the perfect option for people who want to get a flawless lawn. The price is also quite reasonable considering the amount of work you can get done with this device. Through this lawnmower, the task of keeping your office space clean becomes relatively easy. 

Key Features

  • The seven height adjustments help you to get the perfect comfortable grip.
  • It comes with a 5.0Ah battery, which is excellent for heavy-duty equipment.
  • The device is completely friendly for the environment because it doesn't use any gas.
  • Its ergonomic design makes it perfect for office use.
  • The brushless motor on the tool allows you to mow your lawn efficiently.
  • What We Like
  • The tool comes with a fast charger and humongous battery pack, which will last 45 minutes.
  • The perfect tool for yards which are 3/4 acres in size. 
  • Highly efficient lithium makes it a long term haul. 
  • The self-propelled rear-drive system makes it effortless for the user to cut through the grass. 
  • The vertical storage option helps you to reduce the space occupancy of this tool. 
  • What We Don't Like
  • The 84-pound weight can be heavy to carry around for young users. 
  • Additional batteries are a must for people who have huge yards. 

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5. WORX WG779 40V Power Share Lawn Mower

WORX WG779 40V Power Share Lawn Mower

The WORX devices are a fantastic bunch of tools that help you keep your lawn clean. The cordless machinery fits perfectly for a small garden area. These days we are all moving towards shorter open spaces. The compact size of this tool makes it the best fit for large building spaces. The 40V overall power output is achievable with the help of two battery packs. The battery charger comes with a level indicator for you to keep track of the juice. The patent technology used in the mower for cutting gives it an extra edge over the competition. You can efficiently utilize the limited battery depending on the various grass types. 

Key Features

  • The lightweight device weighs in at 29 pounds. Anyone can use it effortlessly in their office backyard.
  • Stay environment friendly with 100% battery operation on your lawnmower.
  • The auto-start feature helps you avoid using stupid threads for starting the engine.
  • The 14-inch deck width gives you a decent room to cut the lawn grass.
  • A single lever allows you to change to up to six different height levels.
  • The device is suitable for a 5000 sq feet area in a garden.
  • What We Like
  • The battery life is fantastic and will last you a decent amount of time.
  • It comes in a small compact size, which is easy to store anywhere.
  • The 4Ah device uses 72Wh power to stay running on your lawn.
  • Eco mode on the tool helps you to get the maximum battery life.
  • The small size and sufficient weight make it easy to cover a lot of ground effortlessly.
  • What We Don't Like
  • It doesn't work well with extra tall grass.
  • The plastic deck is a little weak in comparison to steel ones. 
  • Its two-speed Intelli-cut design is not quite perfect.
  • The bag attachment is wholly fixed and made up of plastic. 

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6. Scotts Outdoor Power Tools 60040S mower

Scotts Outdoor Power Tools 60040S mower

The Scotts mowers are ideal for large lawns and huge households. The widespread commercial use of this device is impressive. The 40V capacity of this tool is necessary for running on hours. You will enjoy maximum output without wasting any money on gas. One of the more important highlights is the fantastic battery warranty. You are going to get free cover for two years on your battery. The entire machinery has a four-year guarantee. Scott’s outdoor power tools are a reliable brand, and modern machinery makes it easy to clear your lawns. It is an affordable and value for money purchase. It comes with a fabulous cutting deck that takes up 19-inch spaces.  

Key Features

  • The tool gets its power from a 40V 5Ah battery that is easily attachable.
  • It comes with a two-speed brushless motor which offers users an unmatched gas like performance. 
  • The battery indicator on the lawnmower itself makes it easy to keep in check.
  • The telescoping handles are suitable for people who want to adjust it according to height.
  • Lightweight and perfect for maneuvering around the lawn.
  • What We Like
  • Its brushless motors give you ample cutting power in any environment.
  • The 16-gallon grass-catching bag gives you ample storage space.
  • It comes with a convenient vertical storage setting, which helps you save a lot of space.
  • Their steel tube front guard enables you to prevent anything hard from getting into the mower.
  • There are front headlights on the machine to get cutting any time of the day.
  • What We Don't Like
  • The device doesn't have a self-propel mode, which means you have to push it around manually.
  • A single battery pack will not cover all of your requirements in a vast lawn area.

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7. Troy-bilt 11a-a2sd766 Gas 3-in-1

Troy-bilt 11a-a2sd766 Gas 3-in-1

Troy Bilt is the only manufacturer in our list which offers a gas walk behind a mower. Their products are quite useful for garden use in the modern-day lawn. The gas mower comes with a 140CC engine that gives you decent output. Users are bound to get fantastic performance. The power tool comes with a high capacity holding bag. The mulching setting is perfect for people who want to make their gardens look beautiful. You can push around this tool to get the perfect view from the office. The affordable price point makes it appealing for users who need two or more. As it is running on gas, there is no hassle for batteries or charging. 

Key Features

  • The 140CC engine comes with an auto choke feature making it quite simple to operate.
  • You can store all the clippings for composting or discard later.
  • The inclusive mulch kit helps your lawn get all the necessary nutrients back.
  • It comes with a complete assembly done.
  • There are different clipping modes to make your job easy.
  • What We Like
  • Its tri-action cutting system makes it a perfect fit for varied grass types. The bumper feature helps you put grass right off the ground.
  • The deck enables you to get the ideal cut done and superior flow within the device.
  • It has a minimalist design, which makes it simple to regular use.
  • The wheels on this gas power hunk are memorable and everlasting. The rubberized edges call for a smooth sail on any terrain.
  • It has a six-position height adjustment system making it easy to use the device.
  • What We Don't Like
  • It has a substantial 70-pound weight for the machinery.
  • The device is not foldable and takes up a lot of space.
  • Regular maintenance is a must to keep the gas engine in check.
  • Using gas for such small devices is a waste of natural resources.

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Best Walk Behind Mower Buying Guide

The commercial walk behind mower type is ideal for clearing your gardens from any external anomalies. Before we take a look at the buying guide, let’s check out which is the best deck size.

  • Under 14 inches

The tools which are less than 14 inches are perfect for small and compact lawn areas. You can get quality shaping with the maximum maneuverability. Overall the size of the mower is going to be also small. Users can try to ensure that their lawn is up to the ultimate beautification with these tools. 

  • 14 to 17 inches

Lawnmowers, which are useful for a moderate to average size, can require this size. The length of the grass also plays a vital role in deciding the type of lawnmower you need.

  • 18 to 25 inches 

Some mowers have a larger size these days. Offices and commercial spaces that have huge lawns can utilize such a tool. We recommend you try this option for an immediate impact on your properties. An area of 1 acre can mow with two such devices.

There are some features as well, which are a must-have for people who use walk-behind mowers. Let’s take a look at them and how to make an informed decision.

  • Engine

The engine in a lawnmower can be electric or gas in nature. The source of power plays a huge part in deciding what kind of tool you need. A gas engine can work for hours without needing any recharges. They are, however, very expensive when it comes to maintenance. These mowers are perfect for rough use over the long term. The electric engines require constant battery pack recharges. Users can invest in such a device if they want to get power without much noise. It is an environmentally friendly option, as well. 

  • Storage Bag

Every walk behind the mower needs a high volume storage bag. The clippings need collection because no one wants a dirty yard. You can also work on mulching easily with an efficient storage option at your disposal. The automatic suction is a must for people who want to keep things clean. 

  • Battery Power

The battery power is also quite an effective means of judgment. We need to have a significant battery pack that can give users long term help. A 5Ah battery can keep the battery running for 45 minutes. It is a good enough time to mow a large lawn area. You can effectively get a neat ground when you make use of such a powerful tool.

  • Budget

The budget plays a huge role in ensuring what kind of power tools you can purchase. It is crucial to invest $200 to $500 to get a working device. These days products like these are not available for cheap. In this guide, we cover different price points. Users can find what their must-haves are and then make a purchase decision. 

  • Ease Of Use

Everyone wants to have a powerful tool that is easy to use. Everyone needs to be able to mow any lawn easily. No one wants to spend hours unnecessarily on a defective product. It is crucial to have a tool that entirely does the job. 


In this guide, we cover tons of devices that are perfect for your use in the lawns. The commercial walk-behind mowers are a must in any professional setting. Everyone wants to keep their property squeaky clean. These power tools are suitable even for home use in some cases. Some listings can cover acres of areas on a single battery charge. The gas devices are perfect for long hauls. We hope this guide helps you to narrow down the options available.

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