10 Best Zero Turn Mowers In 2021- Reviews & Buying Guide

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We understand that mowing your lawn can be a time-consuming and cumbersome task sometimes, which is why zero-turn mowers come in very handy. Large lawn owners can cover a lot of ground in a short amount of time. There are different types of zero-turn mowers you can choose from, depending on what your requirement is. Zero turn mowers are the kind of mowers the user can ride. They are best used for mid-sized or large yards.

In this article, we’ll cover 10 of the best commercial zero-turn mowers and residential zero-turn mowers of 2020. Unlike a small lawn mower that takes forever to use, this is a type of lawnmower you can ride and cover a large area at one go.

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If you have a small yard or lawn, then this is not the product for you, you should consider regular lawn mowers and string trimmers. This is a machine that is created by keeping larger lawns in mind so that less effort is put in while reaping the maximum benefits. Mowing large areas with a small lawn mower can be very time consuming and also tiring for the user, especially in the hot summer months, which is why we have curated this list of 10 best zero turn mowers you can buy for your lawn. 

Mowing your lawn is an important chore and it just can’t be ignored, which is why we have made sure to include the best zero-turn mowers in the article so that you can make an informed decision and invest in a machine that improves the appearance of your lawn and also give you mental satisfaction and peace of mind. If you have sufficient budget to invest on a riding mower, do checkout our review of best zero turn mowers under $3000.

What are the different types and models of zero-turn mowers?

There are mainly three kinds of riding/zero-turn mowers. These three kinds are segregated on the basis of features and the capacity of cover mowing area in one go.

  • Residential zero-turn mower

A residential zero-turn mower is used in a residential context where the lawn or yard is larger than an acre, but not more than 2 acres.

  • Prosumer zero-turn mower

Falling between the residential zero-turn mowers and the commercial-grade ones, this is a mower that can be used for large yards measuring over 2 acres. But less than 5 acres.

  • Commercial grade zero-turn mower

Commercial grade zero-turn mowers are the most sturdy and durable ones and are known for covering a lot of area at once. These mowers offer many features that residential and prosumer mowers don’t. If you are in the landscaping business, then this is the mower for you. This works best for yards measuring over 5 acres. 

What are the benefits of using a zero-turn mower?

  • Zero-turn mowers are very easy to maneuver and use.
  • They are highly efficient and let the lawn owner save a lot of time and energy.
  • It works very quickly and smoothly.
  • They are extremely comfortable to use and ride.
  • Most of the models come with a power steering feature for ease of riding.
  • It gives the lawn a very close trim, even around big obstacles like trees.
  • There are many different types of mowers and models that one can choose from.
  • Your lawn remains spick and span!

The Best Zero Turn Mowers Reviews

1. Husqvarna Z254 54 in. 26 HP Kohler Hydrostatic Zero Turn Riding Mower

Featuring a 26 horsepower Kohler engine that is quite powerful, this zero turn mower can give you a speed of 6.5 miles per hour, ensuring that the job gets done quickly and beautifully. Designed by keeping all the ergonomic needs in mind, this is a comfortable riding mower that packs a powerful punch, gets the job efficiently done and making sure that your lawn stays trimmed and neat at all times. With a cutting width of 54 inches, if you have a large yard that a regular lawn mower can not do justice to, then this residential lawn mower is ideal for you.

Key Features:


Final Verdict

This residential zero-turn mower is the best kind one can get under $4000. With all the features to improve the efficiency and comfort, the Z254 is an incredible model you must consider. 

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2. Ariens APEX 48″ Turn Mower 23hp Lawn Mower 

The Ariens zero turn lawn-mower features a 48 inches cutting deck. It possesses a Kohler 7000 chain engine to provide you a mower that has the power, durability, and size of a commercial machine. It incorporates three sharp blades. The cutting deck of Apex mower is manufactured using 10-gauge solid steel.


The tubular solid steel frame is the backbone for the durability and stability of the lawn-mower. The deck offers enough airflow for difficult knowing situations. 


Large rear tires of this mower are best suited for improved traction & smoother ride. The forward speed of APEX zero-turn lawn-mower goes up to 8 mph and reverse speed goes up to 4 mph for systematic mowing. The increased security at large wear points to extend the longevity of this Apex lawn-mower.


CBT(Constant Belt Tension) reduces heat and wear. CBT increases belt life & requires minimum adjustment. The flip-up release chute helps reduce harm to the nearby environment. This lawn-mower offers fifteen cutting positions. The seat of the driving person is high back with armrests offering great comfort. 

The maximum and minimum cutting heights are 5-inches and 1.5 inches respectively. It offers a 5-gallons fuel capacity tank which is approx 18.9 liters. The type of transmission in this zero-turn lawn-mower is dual hydrostatic.

Ariens put lots of effort into building less-maintenance requiring equipment. We assess, inspect, improve, & test every single pin, belt, and bolt. The machine is backed up with a three-year warranty against any manufacturing defect for residential users and one year for commercial users. 

Key Features:


Final Verdict

If you have a small yard and need an eco-friendly mowing solution, then this is the perfect lawnmower model for you! This residential mower has great features that will leave your lawn looking as beautiful and neat as ever.

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3. Snapper XD 82V MAX Cordless Electric 21-Inch Self-Propelled Lawn Mower

Snapper is mostly known for creating the first and the best self-propelled electric lawnmowers. With the option of choosing variable speeds, this lawnmower can easily clear up your lawn without any hassle. Once this machine is charged up completely, it can give you a run-time of 45 minutes continuously. We are a fan of the load sensing technology that lets the motor adjust its power depending on the length of the grass. This also means that you save up on battery power as well.

Key Features:


Final Verdict

 If you are looking for a lawnmower that is easy to use, easy to maintain and easy to store, then this is the perfect solution for you. It is also the perfect residential lawnmower for those who want to choose an eco-friendly model.

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4. Greenworks 20 inches Zero Turn Riding Mower

The Greenworks battery-operated lawn-mower comes with smart cut technology. It is perfectly suitable for lawns up to 1/4 Acre. The 20-inches cutting deck provides an extraordinary equilibrium of cutting capacity & maneuverability making it the perfect choice for fair-sized areas.


The Greenworks lawn-mower incorporates two li-ion batteries. The Li-ion batteries are of 2Ah & 4.0Ah with 40V. The total duration of the battery is approx 70 minutes. The battery port switches automatically for the backup battery for more long run-time that makes the job easier.

The lawn-mower is equipped with dual blades. The dual blades are designed to provide better bagging, mulching, and cutting. The sharp metal blades give the grass a smart and fine finishing. Also, you can sharpen these metal blades when required.  


The machine weighs 42.5 pounds. The physical dimensions of this mower are 29.2 inches x 20.66 inches x 19.5 inches. It includes a bagger. The mower is capable of mulching. The maximum and minimum cutting heights are 3.3 inches and 1.3 inches respectively.


The Greenworks mower is packed with remarkable features that you might expect to witness in high-end cordless lawn-mowers. This lawn-mower certainly has the potential to mow a yard more than 10,800 sq feet.

The Greenworks lawn-mower offers a safety key that is removable to prevent the accidental start of the mower. The Greenworks 25302 mower comes with four years warranty and two years warranty for the mower batteries. 

Key Features:


Final Verdict

If you are looking for a zero-turn mower with a large cutting width, then you can buy this one without any stress, knowing that this mower will always have your back.

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5. Ariens IKON-XL 60″ Zero Turn Mower

Ideal for semi-commercial and commercial use, the Ariens IKON-XL Zero-Turn Mower covers a large area with minimum effort. Being very easy to ride and operate, this is a mower you must consider investing in if you are in the landscaping business or just own a very large lawn that becomes difficult to manage and takes up too much of your time when it comes to maintenance. While we understand that this can be a little heavy on the wallet, this 24 horsepower mower is so powerful that once you get used to using it, you will realize how much value it adds to your lawn. It also saves a lot of time and energy.

Key Features:


Final Verdict

If you have a huge lawn and struggle with maintenance, then spending under $5000 to get a mower that will handle your maintenance needs for a long time to come is not a bad idea at all! Plus with the warranty policy, you can buy this zero-turn mower without stressing over the performance of the machine.

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6. Husqvarna MZ61 Zero Turn Mower

Made for being operated for longer hours, this zero-turn riding mower has an enormous fuel tank that has a 5-gallon capacity. In addition to that the 27 horsepower engine allows you to cover a huge area in a very short period of time. Also, the wheels on this thing are incredible – no matter how the terrain of the lawn is, you can run this mower easily and mow the lawn flawlessly. Hands down, it is one of the best designed zero turn mowers we have ever come across.

Key Features:


Final Verdict

If you have a large area that is difficult to manage and you want to spend fewer man-hours on mowing your large yard, then invest in this powerful zero-turn mower for hills today!

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7. Ariens IKON-X 52″ Zero Turn Mower

Ariens 915223 is a domestic lawn-mower possessing commercial lawn-mower qualities. The Ikon-x 52 inches zero turn mower by Ariens is built around a completely welded steel frame. The tubular frame increases the durability & stability of the lawn-mower. 


This intense Ariens mower is easy to run and incredibly stress-resistant. The zero-turn mower is assembled with a 52-inches cutting deck. The cutting deck allows sufficient airflow while cutting grass in troublesome conditions. 


Ariens zero turn mower lets you operate or drive slopes up to 15-degrees. Additionally, it is equipped with 13 different cutting heights. The cutting height goes from 1½ to 4½ in. This mower gives an excellent cut to your grass/lawn and gives it a thoroughly effective finer look.


The sitting position of the operator is supported with a high-back. The seat and armrests are cushioned to make the driving person sit in a comfortable position so that a lot of mowing does not create any fatigue.


The mower control panel is mounted on an easily accessible location. It encompasses the sole phase air straining system, pressurized oil configuration, climate test cavity liners, and fuel tank with a capacity of 2.8 gallons. 

You can mow the biggest lawn/yard in a single start. You can complete more area in less time without fueling the tank again and with seven mph speed. It is backed up with a restricted three years warranty.

Key Features:


Final Verdict

 If you have a mid-sized yard with tough grasses that cannot be cut with regular lawnmowers, then this is the perfect zero-turn mower for you!

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8. Husqvarna Z142 Zero Turn Riding Mower

Another awesome model by Husqvarna, the Z142 zero-turn mower has an incredible 17 HP engine that is best used for residential or semi-commercial yards. We like how easy this mower is to ride and how hassle-free the cleaning and maintenance process is. The solid construction makes it an ideal mower if you are looking for a long-term solution. The deck has 2 blades and a 42 inches cutting width, so depending on the size of your yard, you can take a call accordingly whether this zero-turn riding mower is suited for you or not. With many features that make mowing extremely simple, this is one machine you must watch out for!

Key Features:


Final Verdict

A great zero-turn mower for large residential lawns and semi-commercial purposes, this mower is worth the money you invest and pays return for many years to come.

Check the latest price on Amazon!

9. Ariens IKON X 52 inch 23 HP Zero Turn Mower

Ideal for yards falling between the ranges of 3 to 5 acres, this zero-turn mower will manicure your yard with the utmost ease and precision. The powerful engine gives this mower an incredible speed as well, making it a very fast and efficient machine. It also mulches simultaneously and also discharges the remaining clippings to the side to minimize the need for cleaning up the deck.

Key Features:


Final Verdict

This is the perfect riding mower if you don’t have a full-blown commercial landscaping requirement but still have a lot of ground to cover. The 13 height adjustments really allow you to be as precise as you can with your lawn maintenance. 

Check the latest price on Amazon!

10. Husqvarna Z254F 54 in. 23 HP Kawasaki Zero Hydrostatic Turn Riding Mower

This mower is a bit similar to the first zero turn mower we reviewed at the beginning of this list, but it has few features that make it an upgraded version of it. The engine is more powerful and the cutting width is also bigger. While the fuel tank capacity and the speed are the same, it has the capacity to clear off more area in a shorter span of time. Designed by keeping the comfort o the user in mind, it has an easy to use control panel and an anti-slip foot area so that you can maintain your grip well.

Key Features:


Final Verdict

With all things said and done, while this mower surely is quite an investment, you can say goodbye to investing in new lawnmowers over and over again, because this one is built to last for a lifetime. 

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The Ultimate Zero Turn Mowers Buyer’s Guide – What should you look for when you are buying a zero-turn mower?

There are many different aspects that make a zero-turn mower a great one. We have compiled this in-depth buyer’s guide for all the people who find themselves struggling to make a decision and don’t know which model they should go for. Make sure that you refer to this buyer’s guide before you put your money on a mower, because, let’s face it – zero-turn mowers can be an expensive affair, so it is important that you make a smart decision when it comes to this. 

Here are the few features you must look out for while buying the best zero turn mower for your needs – 

Since zero-turn mowers are huge machines (way bigger than a regular lawnmower), you need a powerful engine to drive this heavy machinery with ease, while it cuts and trims your lawn. The higher the horsepower of the mower, the more powerful it will be. For residential zero-turn mowers, an HP of 15-17 works just fine, but when it comes to commercial mowers, consider getting a mower with HP of 22 and up. 

This feature is also known as the mowing path. Depending on the size of your yard, you can choose a mower with a cutting width that makes mowing quicker and simpler. It is suggested that for commercial mowers, you choose a zero-turn mower with a cutting width of 60 inches and up. Also, keep the design of your yard in mind when you are selecting the cutting width – if it is too large, then you might end up missing many spots in the nooks and crannies of your yard, giving it a very shabby appearance.

Lower-grade transmissions are preferred for smaller yards, but when it comes to huge yards and lawns, think of investing in a machine that has a high power transmission system. If you compromise on this aspect, you might have to invest a lot of money later on the repairing process and so on, so better to make a smart decision rather than repenting later. 

Again depending on your usage, choose a zero-turn mower that has a fuel tank that can handle your needs without having to constantly refill the tank over and over again. Nothing is more annoying than a mowing job that is incomplete!

The speed of the mower will determine how quickly you can finish mowing the entire lawn. The average speed of a high-quality zero-turn mower of 6-7 miles per hour.

These mowers usually come with a lever that allows the user to adjust how short they want the grass to be cut. Most mowers can go as fine as 1 to 1.5 inches.

Which is the best commercial zero-turn mower manufacturer?

As you could have made out from this list, Husqvarna and Ariens have come out as the top commercial zero-turn mowers. There are many reasons why people pick these companies, and the biggest one is that they use the best quality materials and their mowers last a lifetime, barring a few minor repairs here and there. 


Engine HP range

Engine manufacturers

Speed range

Mowing positions

Cutting width range


17.5-27 HP

Briggs & Stratton, Kawasaki, Kohler

5.2-7.8 mph


30-54 inches


17-25 HP

Kohler, Kohler Courage

5.5-6 mph


42-54 inches

Why should you buy yourself a Zero-Turn Mower?

There are many advantages to using a zero-turn mower. Some of these advantages are –

  • You can speed up the mowing process by 50%.
  • You don’t get tired after mowing a large area.
  • You can cover large areas in a short amount of time.
  • You can add attachments and upgrades to improve the functionality.
  • They are very easy to ride and control.
  • They are a great investment and can be used for many years.

Safety Tips For Using A Zero-Turn Mower

  • Turn the blades off when you are not moving anymore.
  • Make sure only one person is mounted on the mower.
  • Make sure that the mower is turned off before you start cleaning the deck, especially the blades.
  • Be careful when you are using this mower close to the streets.
  • Cover and protect your eyes and ears when you are using the mower.
  • Do not use the mower on uneven ground when you are not confident.
  • Be careful and mindful of others around you when you are mowing the yard using a zero-turn mower.

Best Zero Turn Mowers FAQ’s

  • Q) Does a zero-turn mower have a steering wheel?

No, there is no steering wheel in this type of a mower. The machine is controlled through a handle that is near the seat of the rider. You have to push and pull the levers to get the mower to move. 

  • Q) Is a zero-turn mower difficult to drive and control?

No, these mowers are very easy to ride and control. All the controls are near the rider’s seat, so once you spend a day understanding how the controls work, you can easily drive this beast!

  • Q) Can these mowers be used on slopes as well?

Yes, depending on the type of mower and the wheels of the mower, you can use it on sloping terrain as well. 

Final Verdict

While all these 10 mowers are incredible in their own way, we fell in love with the Husqvarna MZ61 zero turn mower because of its large cutting width that can be used perfectly well in a commercial setting and also a semi-commercial setting. It also boasts a fuel tank with a 5-gallon capacity, which is larger than any other tank we have featured on this article. The three-blade deck makes sure that your yard gets a precise and neat look while investing the minimum effort.

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