Best Lawn Mowers Under $300 – Buyer’s Guide

Lawn mowing is a chore that every one of us has to do at least once or twice a week. This means making our lawnmowers hard work out time. Once we buy a lawnmower of our choice, we usually ‘don’t think about them until or unless we wear them down.

Lawnmower, like any electrical equipment needs, cares and attention, especially if you want it to last longer.

Types Of Lawn Mowers:

  • Battery Mowers
  • Gas Mowers

Battery Mowers:

Battery mowers are as efficient as gas mowers. Battery mowers work on rechargeable lithium-ion batteries and are available in two kinds of varieties push and self-propelled varieties. Battery mowers are easy to maintain in comparison to gas mowers. But they are better suited for small yards since their battery running time is shorter

Pros of a Battery Mower

  • They cut around 20 to 21 inches of swath
  • The batteries are interchangeable with other power tools (outdoor) of the same brand
  • They are easier to start because of the push button
  • Oil changes and frequent tune-ups aren’t required

Cons of a Battery Mower

  • The run time is limited. Basically, they cut around 1/3 acres in one go
  • 20 per cent of the battery charge is used for powering the wheel (you need to buy batteries if you want to cut large area in one go)
  • They are costlier than the gas models.

Gas Mowers:

Gas mowers are famous they can cut larger yards in one go. Gas mowers come both push and self-propelled options. Gas mowers are cheaper than the battery-operated ones. Fuel and maintenance time is more because they last longer. Gas mowers are less expensive than the battery-operated ones.

Pros of a Gas Mower

  • Gas mowers cut around 21- or 22-inch swath,
  • Gas mowers can handle long or thick grass and weeds,
  • Gas mowers come with a bag, side-discharge, and mulch clippings.
  • Gas mowers cost less and run them much longer than their battery-powered counterparts.

Cons of a Gas Mower

  • They are noisy (use ear protection),
  • Gas mowers produce emissions
  • Gas mowers require more frequent maintenance.

Guide to Buying the Best Lawn Mowers Under $300

Land mowers come in various sizes and designs, so while choosing a land mower, the price is not the only thing that you should consider. Here are certain things that you need to consider before you go and purchase a land mower.

  • Power source
  • Reel Mowers
  • Electric Mowers
  • Electric Mowers
  • Behind Gas Mowers
  • Gas Mowers.
  • Waste Management Efficiency
  • Cutting Diameters

1. Power Source

Lawn mowers operate through various kinds of power sources, so while choosing the right one, consider the size of your yard and your personal preference there are Manual Rell Mowers, Corded Electric Mowers, Cordless Electric Mowers, Walk-behind Gas Mowers, and self-propelled Gas Mowers.

2. Manual Reel Mowers

These mowers don’t need electricity or gas, and they cut the grass mechanically once you start pushing it. These mowers are ideals for houses that have a small yard or for environmentally conscious people.

3. Corded Electric Mowers

They need an electricity plug, and these mowers are ideal for small yards which have moderate bumps

4. Cordless Electric Mowers

These mowers don’t need gas, and they work on a limited amount of power. These are ideal for big yards, but a single charge will not be enough for completing the entire yard.

5. Walk-Behind Gas Mowers

These mowers are powered by gas they are useful for large flat lawns. Though the mower is difficult to push, they can cut tall and powerful weeds easily.

6. Self-Propelled Gas Mowers

These mowers as stated run on gas. But the user doesn’t have to put too much effort while using this since it has a mechanism that moves it forward.

7. Waste Management

Cutting the grass and then cleaning the entire area are two different tasks, so look for mowers which have a bag attached to them or few land mowers come with a collect clipping, which turns the grass and the weeds into mulch so disposing of the dirt is easier

8. Efficiency

Look for mowers that are efficient because at the end if the mowers are not useful and ‘aren’t working correctly, then your investment will be a waste and you won’t be able to take care of your lawn too. There are three factors that dictate the efficiency of the lawnmowers, cut width, cut height and the engine torque. Cut width means the width of the grass that the mower can cut in one go. The wider the cut width, the larger the area you can cut at once. The cut height tells about the height of grass movers leaves once the grass has been cut, the shorter the length, the longer it will take for you to cut the grass again. Engine torque means the power of the blades, the powerful the rotation of blades the easier it will be for the lawnmower to cut the weeds.

9. Cutting Diameters

The smaller the yard, the smaller the diameter of the lawnmower; you don’t want to cut a vast yard with 13 to 14 inches of a lawnmower. You can match the diameter of the blades to the size of the yard as follows.

  • A yard which is of medium to large-sized needs 21” minimum cutting diameter
  • A medium-sized yards needs about 20”-21” minimum blade width
  • A small to a medium sized lawn needs 18”-20” minimum blade span.
  • A tiny sized to a small yard needs around a blade size under 18”

List of Best Land Mowers Under $300:

1. GDPOWER Self-Propelled Gas Lawn Mower

The GDPOWER Self-Propelled Gas Lawn Mower will provide the buyer to customize your lawn cutting experience fully, and let you take care of your lawn needs according to your own convenience. This lawnmower is flexible, and the performance gives a very good experience for the owners.

Key Features

  • It has 4 in 1 functionality, and it has a side eject bag a mulch a rear eject your grass clippings
  • It as an 11 inch rear wheels which are great for gaining control while using
  • It has a 161 cc gas engine that allows you to have an effortless mowing experience
  • The blade span is 20 inches
  • It has eight positions for adjustable cutting heights

Product Review and Description

The GDPOWER Self-Propelled Gas Lawn Mower has smaller cutting blades in comparison to other models by a difference of one inch which is barely noticeable. Though the machine is a very large bagging feature of about sixty-five liters which means you can mow the lawn without any interruption for a longer period. The lawnmower has eight cutting positions or you can choose the one at your own convenience. It has an ergonomically designed handle which means the cutting will be comfortable and efficient. The reason why it is loved by everyone is because of the built-in features, and you are getting everything under $300.

  • It has a large sixty-five liters of baggage that will allow you to cut longer weeds without any interruption and difficulty
  • It has an 11 inches rear wheels so you can maneuver the lawn mower conveniently
  • It has got eight cutting positions, which means you can customize the type and the cut of the grass
  • It has got a self-propelled 162 cc engine which is very sturdy and reliable
  • It has got 4 in 1 grass mulching options
  • It is very easy to start because of the pull cord
  • It is comfortable to use and has an ergonomically design handles so that your cutting experience is comfortable and good.
  • The size of the cutting blade is 20 inches
  • It has got only one year warranty

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2. Husqvarna 21″ Push Lawn Mower

The Husqvarna 21” Push Lawn Mower is an excellent choice. This lawnmower has a mighty powerful engine which is the 160 cc Honda GCV gas engine.

Key Features

  • The Husqvarna 21” push lawn mower has an engine which is the might 160cc Honda GCV engine
  • While mowing your lawn you can choose to bag, side discharge or mulch the grass clippings once you are done with mowing
  • The land mower has 21” cutting blades
  • It has got 12” back wheels and 8” front wheels this aid in controlling the cutting
  • The land mower Handle has a soft-grip for added comfort

Product Review and Description

Since this land mower comes with a Honda engine, your grass cutting experience will be a huge success after buying this lawnmower this lawn mower comes with three options for clipping the grass that is you can side discharge it, you can mulch it, or you can bag it. It has got a 21-inch cutting blade that will help you in cutting grasses of various heights efficiently. Once you have made the purchase, you can rest assured that your product is made up of quality and reliable materials.

  • The land mower Fuel-efficient and powerful 160 cc Honda GCV engine
  • The Handle in the land mower folds down so you can easily store or transport your mower
  • The land mower has Large back wheels make so it easy to maneuver the mower, even if you are in tight spaces
  • The land mower comes with a Mulch, bag, or side-eject the grass clippings
  • It has got nine cutting heights so you can customize the lawn care
  • This lawnmower is not self-propelled
  • The Assembly instructions are slightly confusing that is why they are difficult to understand
  • It is difficult to set the cutting height in the first few tries

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3. Craftsman 37430 Briggs and Stratton

The Craftsman 37430 21 Inch 3-in-1 Push Lawn Mower comes with a 140cc Briggs and Stratton gas-powered engine. This is a famous Craftsman name which assures you that the performance will be reliable and that you will have a great looking lawn.

Key Features

  • The lawnmower comes with a Briggs and Stratton 140 cc gas engine
  • The lawnmower has 21” cutting blade span
  • The lawnmower comes with a 3-in-1 convenience that allows you to side eject the grass in the side eject, bag, or mulch the grass clippings
  • It has an Adjustable deck height with six settings
  • It has got a 7” front wheels and 11” rear wheels which makes it easier for us to maneuver the mower.

Product Review and Description

The reason, why this lawn mower is great is that it has three options for the grass clippings bag, side discharge, and mulching. The lawnmower has got six cutting heights so that it gives you the options of mowing the grass according to your own needs/ the lawnmower is easy to start since it has a low recoil engine which great. It is a great combination of reliable Briggs and Stratton engine plus an easy manoeuvring wheel which helps you in cutting the grass and leaves nicely.

  • The lawnmower starts easily with low recoil
  • While mowing the lawn You can collect the grass clipping, mulch, or side eject them
  • The lawnmower has six-deck height adjustments which allow you to customize the cut and the height of your grass
  • It has got 11” rear wheels make precise turning this helps in enhancing the beauty of the lawn
  • It doesn’t have any hose attachment which is a great aid in ease of blade cleaning
  • The Oil cap is difficult to reach when you are adding the oil
  • The Push handle is not adjustable, and the grip is also difficult.

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4. PowerSmart DB8621S Gas Self Propelled Mower

PowerSmart DB8621S Gas Self Propelled Mower is a self-propelled lawn mower, and it is designed to tackle mowing even in rough areas and hilly areas.

Key Features

  • It has an Easy to pull cord which requires no priming
  • The blades in land mower has 21” cutting blade span
  • It has got five adjustable cutting heights
  • It has a 159 cc self-propelled gas engine
  • It has an option of side ejecting the Grass clipping, mulch, or rear bag

Product Review and Description

This land mower may belong to a not so famous brand, but this land mower is very reliable. It has a dependable performance which is available at a very affordable price point. It starts up quickly, and that is why it is easy to use. It is lighter in weight as compared to others, which is why it is a favorite a lot of people plus easy land mower for first-timers.

  • The land Weighs 76 pounds, that is why it light and easy to push even on the rugged untouched lawns
  • It has got 3-in-1 functionality which includes a large 18-gallon rear discharge bag
  • It has got a Pull cord which pulls quickly and helps in firing up the first time
  • It has got five different height positions
  • It Turns quickly and even in compact spaces and help is giving a great looking cut
  • It has Rear wheels only for 8 inches
  • The highest height position is only 3 inches

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5. Yard Machines 159cc 21-Inch Self-Propelled Mower

If you are Looking for a lawn mower that is going to give your yard a well-maintained look then, the Yard Machines 159cc 21 Inch Self-Propelled Mower is a must-try. It has a gas engine, so it’s easier to use.

Key Features

  • The Yard Machines mower has a 159 cc gas-powered engine
  • It has got a 21” cutting blade span
  • It comes with a Side eject of the clippings or mulching options
  • The land mower comes with an Adjust deck height and comes with dual levers to ensure level deck better-looking results
  • It has got Four wheels of eight inches
  • This land mower is a favourite of a lot of people whose yards are sized between small and medium

Product Review and Description

The Yard Machines 159cc 21 Inch Self-Propelled Mower is a favorite for homeowners with small-to-medium-sized yards. This mower gives them the power in a lightweight size and manoeuvres well even in smaller yards. It comes with a two-year warranty. This machine is reliable and easy to use.

  • The land mower weighs around 71.9 pounds, so it is easy to use for everyone.
  • It has got dual-levers to ensure accurate adjustment, which makes sure that your grass is cut very precisely and evenly
  • It comes with a 2-year limited warranty.
  • The land mower Cuts a 21” wide path
  • It has an easy to start and non-snagging pull cord
  • It is has a Front-wheel drive
  • It doesn’t have any speed adjustment
  • It doesn’t come with a bagging option for the grass clippings

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6. Sun Joe MJ502M Mow Joe Reel Mower

Sun Joe MJ502M Mow Joe Manual Reel Mower is a basic lawn mower for small lawns.

Key Features

  • It has a 20” blade span
  • This lawn mower features nine height positions
  • It has a Grass catcher
  • It doesn’t need any maintenance
  • It is Environmentally-friendly

Product Review and Description

This is man-powered bush behind reel mower, so you don’t require any gasoline or a power outlet. It is simplistic, and the performance is very good. You don’t need to clean it from time to time. It comes with a six gallons bag to catch the clipped grass.

  • It gives a 20” cutting width
  • It has got Manual height adjustment
  • It is a Maintenance-free lawn mower
  • It comes with a 6-gallon bag catches the grass clippings to leave your yard clean
  • It doesn’t have any mechanical break downs
  • It operates on Low noise operation
  • It has a Manual push
  • The Handle is not adjustable which is uncomfortable for some people

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7. Worx WG719 13 Amp Caster Wheeled Electric Lawn Mower

If you are okay with using an electric land mower, then Worx WG719 13 Amp Caster Wheeled Electric Lawn Mower is a great option since it is powered with electricity, has a compact size and cuts the grass powerfully.

Key Features

  • It has a 3-in-1 mower can side-eject, mulch, or a bag that stores your grass clippings
  • It has caster wheels which will give you a zero-turn capability so that you can mow perfectly.
  • You can fold it for compact storage
  • It has a padded handle that is comfortable for storage
  • It has a Deck height which is adjustable with seven height settings
  • It has a 19” blade span

Product Review and Description

The Worx W719 13 Amp Electric Lawn Mower is a good choice for mowers which have small storage space. It leaves a smaller carbon footprint. And you don’t have to store gasoline tanks. Since it has a smaller footprint which means it has smaller cutting blades which are sized at nineteen inches and if your yard is compact this is a perfect option.

  • The Handle of the mower folds in tightly to make compact storage
  • It is Super easy to use, and it cuts tight turns in small yards because of the caster front wheels
  • You can Adjust your cutting deck to 7 different heights so that you can groom your lawn just the way you like it
  • The Handle is padded, so it gives you added comfort while you are cutting the grass
  • It has 19” cutting blades
  • The lowest height setting is too high for certain kind of grass

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8. Sun Joe iON16LM Cordless Lawn Mower

If you are looking for a land mower which is extension free and gasoline-free then, the Sun Joe iON16LM Cordless Lawn Mower is a great option for you. This is because it will make your lawn mowing a cakewalk and it is an Energy Star-certified product.

Key Features

  • It comes with a Rear-eject that will eject your grass clippings, or you can bag them up for disposal
  • It has a Brush less motor which will keep the unit running efficiently
  • The Height of the land mower can be adjusted into six positions
  • It can run for 40 minutes at once
  • It has 19” span of cutting blades

Product Review and Description

This product emits zero carbon emission, and if you want to control your carbon emissions, then this is a great option. It has a 40 volts battery that will offer a running time of forty minutes. You can easily cut a small to a medium-sized lawn. It operates with a simple push-button, the engine doesn’t make any noise, so that is a plus point, though the blades are smaller than the other models it still is a great electric mower.

  • It runs on a 40-volt battery which will give 40 minutes of running time, and the running time will be powerful enough to cut an entire small or medium-sized yard.
  • It has the possibility of adjusting the cutting height into six positions from 1.18” to 3.15.”
  • It also Collects clippings in the 9.25-gallon collection bag so that later on you can eject clippings
  • It starts with a Push-button start
  • It has a Quiet engine so that you don’t disturb your neighbors.
  • It gives Zero-carbon emissions which will reduce your carbon footprint
  • The reason why it lasts longer is because of the Brushless motor which lasts longer than other electric motors
  • It has 40 minutes of run time, so it is only meant for small to a middle-sized yard
  • It ejects grass through Rear-eject of grass clippings which basically blows grass all over your legs while you are mowing
  • It doesn’t have a No mulching capability
  • It has a 19-inch blade span

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9. Greenworks Corded Lawn Mower

The Greenworks Corded Lawn Mower is a lightweight and easy to use a land mower that comes with a cord. It uses 12 amps of power. It is made for small backyards that just need little mowing so that you can conveniently manage your cutting needs.

Key Features

  • You don’t have to wait for the mower to charge, just plug in and mow
  • You can Fold-up handles which means you can easily store this mower in tight and confined spaces
  • The product can be adjusted into seven positions
  • The blade span is 20 inches
  • It Starts up with just a touch of a button
  • It is Lightweight and weighs around 56 pounds
  • It runs quietly

Product Review and Description

Since this is an entirely electric mower, it is very easy to use and is quite. All you have got to do is plug it in. The mower is so light weighted that people can push it very easily. It cuts the Smaller yards very quickly and super easily. It has seven different cutting positions so you can use it as your convenience.

  • It has a Quiet motor because it runs on the electrical operation
  • It can Rear eject or bag the grass clippings as per your needs
  • The mower can be adjusted into the deck to 7 positions
  • It has 7” front wheels with 10” rear wheels which makes it easier to maneuver
  • It is light in weight and is easy to push
  • It comes with a 4-year limited manufacturer’s warranty
  • It has a Rear ejecting clippings which is messy and leaves grass clinging to your legs while you are mowing
  • The built of the Ejection chute is narrow, and it needs regular cleaning to prevent clogs

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10. BLACK+DECKER MM2000 Mower

If you are looking for a mower that can turn your garden into a lush looking place within a flash then this is a nice option, it is a corded lawnmower. The BLACK+DECKER MM2000 Mower comes with a collection bag which has a space of 13 gallons. It is lightweight and works efficiently.

Key Features

  • It has an EdgeMax deck which allows you to edge while you are mowing
  • The width of the cutting span is 20” wide
  • It has a 13 Amp motor which will power through the grass easily and smoothly
  • It offers seven height adjustments
  • It comes with a 3-in-1 function: mulch, rear bag, or side eject the grass clippings

Product Review and Description

The Black and Decker name is a very trusted brand and is being loved by people for over a decade. It is user-friendly because it comes with a chord. It is lightweight, and you can manoeuver it very easily.

  • It is a Lightweight mower weighs around 46 pounds, making it easy for anyone to use and mowing the ground becomes easy.
  • It Saves the space by eliminating the need to store a separate edging tool because it comes with an EdgeMax deck that edges your lawn easily
  • It comes with a 13 Amp motor cuts that cut your grass cleanly and helps in keeping your lawn healthy
  • It has an option for seven height adjustments ranging from 1 ½” to 4” grass height
  • It Folds up so you can store it even in a single car garage
  • It is the lightweight which limits the use of the mower if the lawns have uneven surfaces, and you won’t be able to power over ridges or bumps
  • It has Narrow ejection chute which should be cleaned out frequently or else it will clog and soil it
  • The lowest height setting available is fairly high at about 1 ½.”

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Final words!

Cutting the grass doesn’t have to be expensive. Some of the best lawn mowers cost less than what you’d pay a lawn care service for a summer of mowing. You can find reel mowers, cordless mowers, electric models, walk-behind push mowers, and even self-propelled mowers at a decent price these days. If you want to bag or to mulch, you can have those features, too.

If you have a small to medium size lawn, you’re not going to want to buy a riding lawn mower. The more efficient tool would be to pick-up a good walk-behind push lawn mower that you can easily maneuver around your yard. Lawn care is important, as you want your home to look the best it possibly can. Unless you’ve got a garden that takes up just a few steps of space, those garden clippers aren’t going to cut it. Grass grows fast and manually cutting up those overgrown blades with handheld tools can take up a lot of time and eat up most of your energy. So for those with large lawns that need regular maintenance, a lawn mower proves to be a reasonable and practical investment.

These days, it’s no challenge to find a lawn mower. The real task is finding one that fits a tight budget. Now, if you’re in the market for a reliable lawn mower that you can buy without having to break the bank. We hope you checked out our top 10 choices for the best lawn mower under 300 dollars and how you can choose one that’s perfect for you. Surely, this must’ve brought some clarity. Get the best tool for your garden!

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